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TSS Ear Hanger

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These plastic ear hangers have been specifically designed for Theatre Sound Supplies. Sculpted so that a microphone can be positioned over or under the ear with the same hanger, they also have additional length so they can be cut down to the required size. These hangers are designed to take colour from marker pens, meaning they can be camouflaged to blend in onstage. We recommend using Hellermann, cut into small sections, to attach microphones at points along the hanger. As these hangers have a fixed length, they can be easily fitted by the performers themselves with the certainty of a consistent position show after show. Using an Ear Hanger can be an easy and effective way to fit microphones to performers where a more conventional approach is unavailable; for example, a bald performer or one that is wearing a hat. They are a great alternative to headset mics, and performers often find these more comfortable.

What If I Move Venue?

We always contact our customers before sending out a back order. This ensures your items don't get sent to a previous tour venue. This can also be updated to make things more convenient for you.