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Sonnect Audio - Sound Bullet

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The Sound Bullet is the original rechargeable pocket-size I-O audio tester. A powerful preventative and troubleshooting multi-tool that is robust, reliable and portable.The 5 core functions include:

  • Generator
  • Internal Speaker
  • Phantom Power Check
  • XLR Input Metering
  • XLR Cable Tester

The Sound Bullet should be used as a preventative tool for quick diagnosis and troubleshooting problems with complex audio setups.

Helping you maintain and secure an exceptional audio foundation for your next gig.


Pink noise signal is created and routed to the Male XLR. The generator will be routed to the 1/4” Jack as well as the internal speaker. Output can be adjusted to three levels -10, -20 and -40 dBu.

Use the generator and P48-test to carry out an input patch-check before sound checks or for verifying patch after quick stage change-overs. The Sound Bullet has been expertly designed to test the XLR line for full functionality.

Internal Speaker and 3.5mm Jack

What If I Move Venue?

We always contact our customers before sending out a back order. This ensures your items don't get sent to a previous tour venue. This can also be updated to make things more convenient for you.