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Promarker Pen Set

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This set of 24 Windsor & Newton ProMarkers has been specifically chosen by us, here at TSS, as a comprehensive set of pens for standard hair colours. These alcohol-based markers are primarily used within the sound industry to colour microphone cables and capsules to match performers’ hair colours. We recommend preparing the cable before colouring using a Zoff or alcohol wipe; this helps the plastic coating of the microphone cable to absorb the ink from the pen, ensuring a longer lasting finish. This set includes:

• Cool Grey 3
• Cool Grey 4
• Cool Grey 5
• Spice
• Burnt Umber
• Chestnut
• Henna
• Walnut
• Terracotta
• Cinnamon
• Tan
• Caramel
• Cocoa
• Burnt Sienna
• Umber
• Raw Sienna
• Oatmeal
• Hazelnut
• Coffee
• Cedar Brown
• Deep Mocha
• Chocolate
• Saddle Brown

Supplied with a Windsor & Newton pen folder, this set of pens will take care of all your mic-colouring needs, or could even make it the perfect geeky gift!

Please note, due to the recent acquisition of Letraset by Windsor & Newton, some pens and wallets may be delivered with Letraset branding. The Letraset ProMarkers and wallets, and Windsor & Newton ProMarkers and wallets are identical, differing only in branding.

What If I Move Venue?

We always contact our customers before sending out a back order. This ensures your items don't get sent to a previous tour venue. This can also be updated to make things more convenient for you.