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Fischer Amps Mini Body Pack 2

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Fischer Amps passive mini body pack for use with headphones or in ear monitoring either live or in the studio. Its small design makes it perfect for a large range of uses. Take control of your own mix with the built in volume control. 

  • Equipped with an additional mono switchover, the new Mini Body Pack 2 can also be used for mono or balanced outputs.
  • Fixed with a belt clip, it is a brilliant tool for use with headphone or in-ear earphones on stage or in the studio.
  • The cable coming from the headphone amp is plugged in the bottom side of the Body Pack and is locked to avoid that it is inadvertently pulled out.
  • The Mini Body Pack 2 has a combined XLR and ¬º‚Äú (6.3mm) jack stereo input.
  • The 1/8‚Äú (3.5mm) jack output for the headphone or the in-ear earphones as well as a passive volume control are at the top of the unit.
  • Sturdy and roadworthy design: aluminum casing, stainless steel belt clip, Neutrik sockets.
  • The high-quality volume control is very durable, made of plastic with fine rubber cover and has 41 detent positions

What If I Move Venue?

We always contact our customers before sending out a back order. This ensures your items don't get sent to a previous tour venue. This can also be updated to make things more convenient for you.