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Metallic Slit Drape & Slash Curtain

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Unveil a world of sophistication and artistic brilliance with our Metallic Slash Curtain. This remarkable creation effortlessly combines the allure of a glitter curtain, shimmer curtain, and slit drape, providing you with a canvas of endless possibilities to craft an unforgettable stage presence.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Radiant Metallic Elegance: Crafted from the finest gold and silver metallic fabric, the curtain exudes opulence, capturing and reflecting light to infuse your stage with a captivating glow, creating an ideal atmosphere for your event.
  • Dynamic Light Play: Each strand features meticulously placed half-inch slits, allowing light to glide through gracefully. This dynamic interplay gives birth to captivating patterns and enchanting shadows that dance in harmony, painting your stage with mesmerizing visuals.
  • Dimensions: Measuring 3 feet wide and available in various drops, our slash curtain, glitter curtain, and shimmer curtain offer versatility to match your staging requirements seamlessly, ensuring your unique vision comes to life.
  • Certified Fire Safety: Our glitter curtain, shimmer curtain, and slit drape ensemble adhere to strict fire safety standards. Complying with BS 5867: 2008 Part 2 Type B Flammability requirements, this curtain combination safeguards both your audience and event.
  • Effortless Transformation: Designed for ease, the installation of this curtain trio, whether as a glitter curtain, shimmer curtain, or slit drape, is a breeze. Utilize hooks, rods, or your preferred method to facilitate swift and seamless stage transformations.
  • Versatility in Elegance: Ideal for concerts, theatre productions, weddings, and corporate gatherings, this trio effortlessly enhances your event‚Äôs elegance, adding a touch of class to any occasion.
  • Discover Colour Palettes: Choose from an array of colours to align with your event's theme, creating a mesmerizing ambiance that resonates with your artistic vision.

Elevate your lighting effects with the resplendent allure of our Metallic Slash Curtain. As a glitter curtain, shimmer curtain, and slit drape, it weaves enchantment into your stage, leaving an indelible mark on your audience's memories. Experience the harmony of light and motion with this trio of radiant slash curtain, glitter curtain, and shimmer curtain.

Size: 6ft Drop x 3ft Wide
Color: Silver

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