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Le Mark Felt Tape for Theatre Drape and Curtain Repair 50mm x 5m

by Le Mark
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Product Description:

Discover the ultimate quick-fix solution for theatrical drapes, curtains, and fabrics with Le Mark's Matt Black Felt Tape. Crafted with precision and innovation, this premium felt tape is designed to provide emergency repairs with unmatched efficiency and discretion.

Key Features:

  • Matt Black Excellence: The tape boasts a sophisticated matt black finish, ensuring a non-reflective surface that seamlessly blends into the aesthetics of your theatre or film/TV set.

  • Multi-Surface Adhesive: Equipped with a multi-surface adhesive, this tape securely adheres to a variety of theatrical drapes and fabrics, offering a versatile and reliable solution for emergency repairs.

  • Emergency Repair Masterpiece: Ideal for on-the-spot repairs, Le Mark's Felt Tape comes complete with an easy-peel backing liner, allowing trouble-free application and trimming. Perfect for addressing minor tears, holes, and split seams.

  • Premium 150g/M2 Felt: At 1mm thick, our premium felt tape is almost double the thickness of alternatives, providing superior light-blocking capabilities to keep repairs discreet and effective.

  • Prevent Further Damage: Acting as a temporary fix, this tape prevents minor damage from worsening. Tackle on-the-spot repairs before they become a costly and time-consuming exercise.

  • Versatile Applications: Beyond theatre drapes, this felt tape is widely used in the Arts & Entertainment industry to blackout lighting 'hot spots' and reflective surfaces. Transform shiny metal trusses into a subtle, non-reflective matte black with ease.

  • Solvent-Free and Eco-Friendly: Crafted with a solvent-free adhesive, Le Mark's Felt Tape is an environmentally conscious choice. The packaging and cardboard core are widely recycled, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Invest in the efficiency and discreet beauty of Le Mark's Matt Black Felt Tape. Whether it's an emergency repair or a blackout solution for reflective surfaces, this tape stands as a reliable companion in the world of theatre and entertainment.

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