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What Is StagePass?

StagePass is a revolutionary new way of keeping your venue secure whilst still keeping it Quick, Easy, and Effective to sign in and out of the building. 

Our custom and exclusive software makes it easy to manage full time staff and visitors, send notifications, respond to an emergency evacuation and manage permissions throughout the building. 

The software is based around QR codes which can be printed, emailed or presented on the StagePass mobile app. It also integrates fully with Paxton door systems making StagePass the ultimate building management system. 

How Does It Work?

StagePass is managed by your stage door keeper, they can monitor users coming in and out of the building and control a range of features from the stage door. The QR code system allows for a quick, easy, environmentally friendly and contactless method of accessing the building. 

Does StagePass Suit A Touring Venue?

Yes! StagePass makes it easy to sign up new visitors to the theatre. This can be done well in advance of a company visiting you and all the information is uploaded either via a spreadsheet or via the Company Manager Portal.

Why Is StagePass Different To Other Apps?

Unlike some other similar systems, StagePass is managed by your stage door keeper. Visitors don't have access to the portal and all they need to do is scan in using the QR code you provide. For new visitors to the venue, or if the timescales set by you have expired, an alert will be given to stage door and allow them to decide if this person should have access. The entire system can then be picked up and moved as a tablet device for any emergency evacuations and roll calls. 

Why Change From Our Current System?

There are many systems currently in place on stage doors around the UK and Worldwide - but is yours really suitable? There have been numerous examples over the past few years of people ticking, fake ticking or just walking in to venues they shouldn't be in. With StagePass, every member of staff, crew or visitor is managed in and out of the venue using a logged system controlled by your stage door keeper.

What Happens If The Internet Goes Down, Or We Have A Powercut?

The major advantage to StagePass is that it works both on and offline. If the internet connection is lost, StagePass will continue to work as normal and then when reconnected will upload the latest information to the server. StagePass also includes its own UPS so if the building looses power you can continue to monitor the status of your building.

Can I See It In Action?

Yes! StagePass is used in multiple venues throughout the UK, and we're happy to show you. Because each building is different we recommend a visit from one of our team who can show you how StagePass can revolutionise your stage door. Contact us now to arrange a demo.